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"Aasheghane", the new album from Soroush Izadi

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Dr. Susan Matloobi

The book „Soroush Izadi and a review of the Iranian Music“  is the momentary highlight of an exceptional carrier. The writer does not only write about her personal experience with Persian music, but also gives detailed information about its development.

Dr. Susan Matloobi talks about the six thousand year old history of Iranian music. She presents pictures in museums from all over the world where you can find clear drawings of  Tar-players. The writer describes the immense role of music in the elamite culture and shows music instruments like lute and harp from different regions in Iran, which were pictured on clay or ceramic figures. The book explains music in the Sassanid-dynasty, the history of  music schools, universities and the beginnings of  Iranian Radio program.  You can browse through the contemporary Iranian History of Music.  The writer remembers her encounters with the great masters of Iranian Music and she tells extraordinary stories about her own personal experiences and takes us on a precious journey through the past of Iranian music. This versatile and carefully investigated book also offers the reader the possibility to find out more about the fascinating world of Viennese Concert houses and Austria in General.

In addition to the book, there is also a CD including songs of her mother, her childhood and her teenage years and concerts with great ensembles.

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