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"Aasheghane", the new album from Soroush Izadi

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The career of Dr. Susan Matloobi, the first child-singer in Iran, started with performances for Radio-Tehran's youngsters program at the age of eight.

At the age of Ten, Susan was taught the vocal radif of Persian traditional music at the conservatory of Tehran. Due to her talents, she performed on Iranian TV for some time. In addition to her performances on TV, Susan used to sing for Radio-Tehran.

Susan successfully graduated from her studies of medicine at the Medical College of Tehran-University and has a certification as pediatrician from the Iranian Ministry of Science.

Since 1981, Susan has lived in Austria. She has performed at more than one hundred concerts and shows, including the following: Two times at WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), Radio France and a few times in Paris. In addition, Susan has performed at the most acknowledged concert-halls of Vienna, LA and Italy. She took part several times in World-Music-Festival. There have been several CD's of her music made, including one that won the "CHOC-prize" of Le Monde de la Musique.